Only $10 for a 

Border Edger or Kickstand

 With Purchase!

Mantis Tiller / Cultivator
The Mantis Tiller / Cultivator is the incredible lightweight tiller that has made gardening easier for thousands of people. Originally designed to help landscapers get their jobs done quicker, the 20-pound tiller is a favorite of home gardeners all over the world. Optional attachments make the tiller a complete lawn and garden tool.

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bulletCommercial-grade two-cycle engine with pushbutton priming for quick, easy starts.
bulletAvailable also as an electric model ~ Use your own extension cord. 
bulletChoose a free border edger or kickstand with your purchase.

2-cycle model set-up and ready to till

bulletLightweight ~ Weighs only 20 lbs.
bulletCompact Design ~ Gets into tight places.
bulletTills up to 10" Deep, 9" Wide
bulletReverse the tines to cultivate weeds 2-3" deep!
bulletEasy to Handle 
bulletFold Down Handlebars
bulletPatented Reversible "Serpentine" Tines ~  Let's you dig deep into even the hardest soil, instead of bouncing around like other mini-tillers.
bulletLifetime Guarantee against broken tines.
bulletTwo Year Warranty on entire tiller unit.

Newest Mantis Models

bulletModel Fast Start Mantis Tiller All the features of the above Mantis plus the a ratcheting mechanism to make it very easy to start!


bulletModel 7262  Mantis Tiller
All the features of the above Mantis but with a Honda 4-cycle engine - no fuel mixing


Optional Attachments:  (Most available by Special Order Only)
Planter FurrowerPlanter / Furrower  ~

Lets you till deep, 6" wide furrows

Border EdgerBorder Edger
Crevice CleanerCrevice Cleaner ~
Removes dirt and debris from cracks
thanks to 34 tough steel bristle brushes.


Lawn Aerator ~
Lawn AeratorCuts into the soil under your lawn with four sets of tempered steel "knives," to permit easy absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients.
Aerator / Dethatcher Combo ~
Buy both lawn care attachments now and save! Aerating and dethatching are necessary for a beautiful lawn. Save time AND money!
Lawn DethatcherLawn Dethatcher ~
Removes weeds and the "thatch" that can choke your lawn. 60 spring-steel picks let you dethatch a 15" swath with a single pass.


Mantis Tiller Plow Attachment #3333-00-02Plow Attachment ~
Propelled forward by the spinning tiller tines, the hardened steel plow blade quickly and easily creates planting furrows.
Tiller Wheel SetWheel Set ~
Let's you have the option to roll or carry your Tiller to your garden. Park your Mantis Tiller in an upright position to add fuel, or store it upright when you don't have a wall to lean it against!
Tiller KickstandKick Stand ~ $10.00 with purchase ~ 
Lets you park your Tiller anywhere! Helps stabilize the tiller while you start up the engine, or fill the gas tank. Flips up when tiller is in use; down to allow your tiller to stand alone. 


We've owned a Mantis Tiller for years. 
It's fun to run.